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TOP UP – the world’s only versatile, foldable, flexible, modular roof rack!

The TOP UP is a flat padded versatile roof rack which lays on the roof of any car, allowing to easily connect and transport any large, bulky items that just won’t fit in your car. Simply connect the TOP UP to your roof using the included patented hooks or straps (same connection as the SCOMBI roof bags), place the item you wish to transport on the padded surface, and tighten. That’s all! You’re ready to go.

Going to the beach, but can’t take your surfboard? TOP UP is the answer. Did you just buy that have-to-have-it armchair/bookcase/coffee table and now you can’t get it home? With TOP UP , you don’t have to leave anything behind.


TOP UP connects to your car in seconds and folds up compactly when not in use so you can always take your TOP UP with you, and with it – you can take just about everything else!!

TOP UP is a versatile, flexible, modular roof rack that folds up compactly when not in use.

• A secure, adjustable roof-rack for your car
• Attaches and detaches in just ‘clicks’
• Fits almost any vehicle
• Lightweight, it’s easily and quickly transferred from one vehicle to another
• With a built-in, non-slip FUZION pad (active polymer – cross-linked PE Foam)
• Unique design effectively supports and balances load stresses across the vehicle’s roof
• Attaches securely to the vehicle frame using 4 patented grip hooks.
• Can be mounted lengthwise or crosswise across the roof
• Uses ratchet straps to secure it and your load to the roof of the car
• Patented design



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