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How to Use SCOMBI Roof Bags

SCOMBI roof bags have been designed specifically to be very easy to use – they attach to your vehicle in minutes. No need for additional straps or cords, roof racks, boxes, or any other accessories.

SCOMBI roof bags can be securely attached directly to the body of your vehicle using patented grip hooks that clip right onto the door frame.  If you already have roof rails or a roof rack on your vehicle’s roof, you don’t even need the grip hooks, because the bag can attach directly to the roof rails or rack.


  • > How to attach the SCOMBI roof bag to the roof of your vehicle using the grip hooks?

    1. If you don’t have roof rails, you must use the 4 grip hooks provided to attach the SCOMBI roof bag to your vehicle’s roof. These grip hooks fit on most vehicles, and can also be purchased separately.
    2. Open the vehicle door and pull down the rubber seal from around the door frame. In most vehicles, this seal is stuck on to the frame by pressure alone, and is not glued on.
    3. Fit the grip hook onto the upper part of the vehicle’s door frame on the car. The grip hooks are specially designed to attach to the door frame in one direction only so the loop side always faces out.  You can’t attach them the wrong way.
    4. Now press the rubber seal back into place over the attached grip, and close the car door so that the loop is on the outside.
    5. Repeat these steps for each of the 4 grip hooks (2 at the front – one on each side, and 2 at the back-one on each side), and you’re ready to strap your SCOMBI roof bag to your vehicle.
  • > How to attach the SCOMBI roof bag to your vehicle?

    1. Place your empty SCOMBI roof bag* on the roof of your car so that the zipper faces towards the rear of the vehicle, and position it evenly on both sides.
    2. Pack your bag with all your stuff – just look how much fits inside!** We suggest you position the heavier items towards the sides of the roof, and the lighter items in the middle.
    3. When the bag is all packed, zip it closed and secure it with the safety pin provided, or use your own lock.
    4. Use the extra luggage loops on top of the bag to secure larger items, such as surf boards, fishing rods, or skis.
    5. Now thread each of the 4 main tie-down straps (or holding straps) through each of the loops of the 4 grip hooks, or through your roof rails if you have them, then clip each strap to its top buckle – press it in until you hear the ‘click’ so you know it’s closed.
    6. Next, tighten the main tie-down straps in the following order to secure the bag to the roof: First tighten the front straps, left and right.  Then, tighten the rear straps, left and right.
    7. Finally, click the 6 short tightening straps into their buckles and tighten them as well. There are 2 at the front, 2 at the rear, and 1 in the middle of each side.  All of the have Velcro ends, so you can secure them to prevent flapping and noise during your drive.
  • > How to to detach your SCOMBI roof bag from the vehicle?

    1. Loosen the 6 short tightening straps and unclip them from their buckles.
    2. Loosen the 4 main tie-down straps, and then unzip the SCOMBI for unloading.
    3. Unpack all of your cargo from the SCOMBI roof bag. We highly recommend doing this while it’s still on the roof of the vehicle – pulling down a heavy bag may cause it to fall, resulting in damage to your stuff, or even injury).
    4. Now unclip the 4 main tie-down straps from their buckles, and pull the ends out of the grip hook loops or roof rails of the vehicle.
    5. Remove the 4 grip hooks from the door frame by pulling down the rubber seal and removing the hooks from the frame. Replace the rubber seal.
    6. Finally, remove the empty SCOMBI roof bag from the top of the vehicle, fold it into the handy carry bag (don’t forget the grip hooks!) and store it at your convenience until next time.

* You can load your bag first, and then lift it onto the roof of your vehicle, but we recommend loading the bag after placing it on the roof.  This way, you won’t have to lift up a heavy bag, and your stuff won’t shift around inside while you’re lifting. Remember the non-slip pad?  It’s harder to position the bag on the roof when it’s already packed full.

** The SCOMBI tie-down straps have been designed to withstand emergency stops at 130kg loads.  However, we highly recommend you limit your cargo loads to between 60kg and 90kg, depending on your vehicle, and to place the heavier items at the sides of the roof rather than the center.

And there you have it!
When you reach the end of the road, your cargo is right there with you.

With a SCOMBI roof bag – you really CAN take it with you!



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